Member To Member Discount

Offer Valid: 06/01/2017 - 06/02/2020
The La Verne Chamber of Commerce  is proud of our new  partnership with the National Chamber Program and Office Depot/OfficeMax to deliver you steep discounts on the office supplies and day-to-day shopping most crucial to your organization’s needs. Because of your membership you are eligible to receive…

  • 15-55% less than market price on a 350 item office supply core list

  • 5-55% less than market price on a 500 item cleaning and break room core list

  • 3-30% less than market price on a 600 item technology core list

  • 5-15% less than market price on non-core items


  • 2.5? black and white copies

  • 24? color copies

  • 40% off finishing services, including laminating, binding, vinyl banners, and paper upgrades

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