SoCalGas Powering Largest LA-Area Facilities with Fuel Cells

Today SoCalGas announced that it is now powering two of our largest Los Angeles-area facilities with fuel cells from Bloom Energy.  The switch to fuel cells will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, air pollutants and the cost of power, as well as provide reliable electricity independent of the power grid. Distributed generation,such as that provided by these fuel cells, will likely become increasingly important in California because it provides more efficient power, lowers GHG emissions, and is more reliable than the electric grid.  
Bloom Energy’s fuel cells can produce electricity using natural gas, renewable natural gas, or hydrogen. The fuel cells at SoCalGas intake natural gas and oxygen, and through an electrochemical reaction, produce electricity without any combustion. These fuel cells can operate at 60% efficiency and are considered one of the most efficient power solutions currently available.