Staying Safe this Labor Day Weekend

Trends from previous holiday weekends have shown rapid increases in the number of COVID-19 cases in LA County. As you and yours prepare for the Labor Day weekend, LA County wants to make sure residents know how to celebrate safely, while further reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

The above graphic illustrates the 7-day number of cases per 100,000 people - from April 1st through August 28th. In April, when all non-essential businesses were closed, LA County saw 400 new cases a day with an increase to 1,000 daily cases by the end of the month. Once businesses reopened (coinciding with the Memorial Day & July 4th holiday), LA County saw a rapid increase in cases - rising to 3,000 new cases a day in mid-July.

Since implementing additional modifications (including moving many activities outdoors & increasing compliance activities at worksites), the number of new cases in LA County has dropped to an average of 1,200 this past week. While this is good news, LA County is still seeing far too many new cases, indicative of widespread community transmission. That is why we urge you to consider these 6 tips for staying safe this holiday weekend...

  1. First, only gather with members of your household this holiday weekend – there’s so much to do together in our beautiful county – explore a trail or have a picnic at one of our beautiful beaches early in the day.
  2. If you are outside of your home and around others, please wear a cloth face covering.
  3. Always use your own utensils, cups, food, drinks – do not share with others.
  4. Avoid crowds and be flexible and willing to change plans or move locations if you find yourself in a crowded area.
  5. Avoid confined spaces, especially places where physical distancing or staying more than 3 steps away from others isn’t possible, and people aren’t wearing face coverings.
  6. And if you are sick (or have been exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19), please isolate or quarantine as appropriate.

Remember, these actions save lives.
For guidance, reopening protocols or a list of what is open or remains closed in LA County, visit LA County's Department of Public Health here.