Updating Skills for Your Employees

The Los Angeles County Incumbent Worker Training Program has been developed to provide technical and financial assistance to train current employees to avert a layoff, provide upskilling and improve economic competitiveness of local businesses.
The Incumbent Worker Training Program benefits employers by:

  • Providing funds to offset a portion, via reimbursement, of the business’s cost to train and upgrade the skills of its incumbent workers
  • Collaborating, via local America’s Job Centers of California and Los Angeles County, with businesses to ensure the training plan is being fulfilled
  • Improving the company’s overall competitive edge while resulting in employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, increased productivity and improved retention
Los Angeles County and the AJCC will assist businesses and training providers in the development an approval of IWT applications, as well as provide ongoing technical support. To begin the proves, contact Michael Thomas here or at (213) 440-7013 to begin the process.